There are two major types of lime – Mexican or Key limes (Citrus aurantifolia) and Persian or Tahiti limes (Citrus x “Tahiti”). A third, less common type is the Makrut lime.

Key limes are small and round, measuring around one to two inches in diameter. Immature Key limes are green, but gain a yellow tinge as they mature. The rind is leathery, smooth, and thin. More acidic than Tahiti limes, Key limes are seedy with juicy, greenish yellow flesh. Varieties of Key limes include Everglade, Kagzi, Palmetto, and Yung.


Tahiti limes are larger and more oval-shaped than Key limes. Dark green at maturity, the fruit yellows as it becomes overripe. With only a slightly acidic taste, Tahiti limes are usually seedless with light green, juicy flesh. Varieties include Bearss, Idemor, and Pond.


The Makrut lime is small, dark green, and has bumpy skin. The Australian finger lime is full of bubble-like capsules of juice.

Variety: Persian - Tahiti.

Origin: Colombia.