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Cape Gooseberries

Cape Gooseberries - Golden Berries

(Physalis peruviana), are cherry-sized, yellow-fleshed intriguing berries. They are round, orange and loosely enclosed in a papery husk or “cape” which provides both a natural wrapper for storing the fruit, and a long shelf life. Cape Gooseberries are tart and have a texture similar to cherries.


These berries from the Andes is deservedly getting a new look as a super food. The taste is mellow and tart, not particularly sweet but delicious and refreshing. They are eaten fresh or in fruit salads, pies, chutneys, and they are excellent for jams and jellies owing to their high pectin content.


Net Weight per box 3 kg

Packaging: White Carton Box

Origin: Colombia and Ecuador.

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