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Conventional and Organic Banana

(Musa cavendishii), Although many people believe bananas grow on trees, these perennial plants are actually herbs. A sturdy pseudostem, which can grow as high as 25 feet, supports the growth of leaves, and within six or seven months, flourish.


The flowers become the “berries” or fruit. Clusters grow into bunches, often called “hands” or “combs,” and the “fingers” (fruit) turn from green to yellow as starch is converted into sugar. Fruit can measure up to a foot in length with an average width of 1.5 to 2 inches.

Variety: Cavendish

Origin: Colombia, Dominican Republic and Peru.

Net Weight per box:

BOX 22XU 18.14 kg / 19.50 kg.

BOX 208 13.5 / 14 kg.


Packaging: Vacuum, Polytube.

Cluster per box: 16.

Hands per box: 4, 5, 6.

Finger size: 20 cm minimum.

Number of fingers per Cluster: minimum 5 / maximum 12.

Number of fingers per Hand: minimum 18 / maximum 20.

Pallet configuration: 54 boxes per pallet.


Container configuration:

960 / 1080 boxes per container with pallets.

1200 boxes per container without pallets.